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$15 — Purchase the CD from, from Academy Records or The Juilliard Store in New York City, or from Dowling Music in Houston, Texas.

$15 — Purchase the CD directly from me. If you'd like, it can be autographed. Please add $2 postage to USA and Canada; $5 to other countries.

$15 — Download FLAC files from a link I will send to you after I receive payment. These are the identical files that are on the CD itself, because FLAC is a totally lossless compression method. True audiophiles will insist on these FLAC files, or on the CD itself. Total size of download: 297 Mb.

$10 — Download 320kbps MP3 files from a link I will send to you after I receive payment. These are the highest possible quality MP3s, and are practically indistinguishable from the files on the CD itself. They will satisfy all but the most picky ears with the finest audio equipment. Total size of download: 190 Mb.

FREE! — Listen to COMPLETE tracks (not 60-second clips) of the entire Iberia pieces as often as you'd like, on the "Listen" page of this website. In that window you can download the medium-quality tracks freely. Enjoy!

FREE! — Once you own any of my Iberia tracks, you may freely copy, share and use them in any fashion, as long as you retain attribution to me, and your uses are non-commercial. (For commercial uses, contact me.) This album is licensed under a Creative Commons license, explained below.

PAYMENTPayPal is the best method: pay to "". You can use your charge card through PayPal, with a very simple signup at Don't forget to put your address in the "notes" box, and whether you want the CD autographed. It is very safe—we both get email confirmations and can be in touch if anything goes wrong.

Another method is to mail a check (in USD, please) to me at 697 West End Avenue #8A, New York, NY 10025 USA.

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